Friday, October 9, 2009

Talk of the Town CheeseSteaks

Talk of the Town CheeseSteaks is another very popular cheese steak joint in Philly. Established in April of 1997, Talk of the Town is opened and operated by the D’Ambrosia family. This cheese steak shop is located at 3020 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA. They are located just minutes away from Lincoln Financial Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, The Wachovia Center, and the Spectrum. They are also a few minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge, under I-76, near I-95 North and South in the heart of South Philly.

Talk of the Town’s strategic location may be the reason why they are visited so often by famous sports players. Donovan McNabb, for example, had made this place his lucky charm one year and had to visit it before he went on away games. You can actually walk to any of the sports centers from here straight down Broad Street.

What I noticed about this place that seems appealing is that they offer party trays. This can be very good for small football gatherings or birthday parties. For example, their current menu says small trays (3 whole loafs that feeds 10 to 12 people) is $45. Their large tray (5 whole loafs used that feeds 18-20 people) is $65. This is a nice investment for a good party. I bet though that if you asked any of the local deli’s like Cosmi’s Deli in South Philly, they will make you a party tray as well.

Talk of the Town used beautiful light golden brown soft Italian rolls. Their onions were slightly golden and chopped well. The cheese was American but you can ask for other cheeses if you like. They melt the cheese smoothly between the steaks.

The steak that was used was stripped steak and not chopped but they said that if you want chopped just ask and they will please. They layered the small steak strips with two strips on top of each. So the sandwich was 2 strips of thin steaks high.

The biggest problem I had with Talk of the Town was that their roll was less than 8 inches and their price was $6.75. Their sandwich was awesome but it needs to be a little bigger. You have to give to get back. They should give you the foot long rolls not these cheesy small rolls.

I also like the fact that you can sit down inside and watch TV. They make it nice and cozy with several booths and tables. It is painted all blue and it appears that they take good care of the place.

Other than the size, I think this was a great example of a perfect Philly cheese steak that takes the stripped steak approach. Small steak sandwiches like this will keep you thin. When you mess with a place like Gooey Looie’s then you better be careful because they give you an extraordinary amount of steak on your sandwich.

Talk of the Town, you did good (but make it bigger). Welcome to the Best Philly Cheese Steak Club!

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