Friday, October 9, 2009

Steaks on South Cheese Steak Review

Steaks on South Street (SOS) Cheese Steak Review

Steaks On South is located at 308 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 on the South Philly side of South Street. Steaks On South is a rather new comer in the Philly cheese steak world but I am certain that they will be in business for many years to come.

Steaks On South has only been open for several years now and they are already gifted with many Best Cheese Steak Awards. SOS was named “best cheese steak in Philadelphia” by They also won the City Paper Choice Award and were featured on CN8 Live. This doesn’t mean anything though until Best Philly Cheese Steaks Blog puts their review to work. And here it is…

I was very impressed with Steaks On South. They give a good foot long Philly Cheese Steak on a beautiful soft, golden light brown, Italian roll. The cheese is melted evenly between the steak and does not ooze out of the ends the way Steve’s Prince of Steaks does. The onions are chopped into smaller pieces and are cooked semi golden.

I am more impressed by the uniqueness of the cheese steak. After visiting so many cheese steak places in Philly, you start to see the same patterns over and over without anyone trying to be unique. SOS is unique. The steak is not exactly chopped and not completely stripped – it is somewhere in between. Really small strips of steaks semi chopped should describe it well. They are one of the few places that make these sandwiches this way. Usually a place will pick a side as their trademark: either chopped or stripped. This is one of those rare shops that said: “Hey can we do both?”

Steaks On South is also unique because they have added black pepper to their sandwich automatically. This is a very powerful taste that overrides anything else that you will eat that day. This is a rare quality. Again most steak places will leave the option of adding pepper to the customer. I really liked the extra kick of pepper but I am not sure how others may feel.

Overall, I was totally impressed with their cheese steak and for the price at $7.50 I think it was worth it. The price is a little higher than the competition (but still not as high as Pat’s and Geno’s) but considering the busy location on South Street, the price makes sense.

Steaks On South gets a green light from my book. Steaks On South welcome to the Best Philadelphia Cheese Steak Club!

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