Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gooey Looie’s Hoagies Steaks Review

Gooey Looie’s Hoagies and Steaks Review

Gooey Looie’s Hoagies and Steaks is a perfect example of a Philly cheese steak place that only the locals know about. Do you remember when I first started this blog that I said I was going to introduce the tourists to Philly cheese steak places that only the locals know of and is ten times better than anyone of ”The Big Three” (the name I gave to Geno’s, Pat’s, and Jim’s Steaks)… well today is your lucky day. I am revealing another hidden gem that is a true Best Philly Cheese Steak joint.

Gooey Looie’s Hoagies and Steaks was established approximately 25 years ago and is located at 231 McClellan Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148. It is located inside of the Pennsport Mall, a small little mall close to the Delaware River in South Philly. You can park your car in the lot and walk inside. This place is really tiny but there are about 3 small tables to sit and eat if they are not occupied.

Gooey Looie’s is open every day but Sunday and is very popular by the locals. They were rated Best in Philly by Philadelphia Magazine dating back from 1995, 1996, and 1997.

Gooey Louie’s Cheese Steaks are probably the widest cheese steak in Philly. I have known about this place for years and haven’t found any that has been wider. When I say wider I mean how thick the sandwich is. The sandwich is so thick that you need a fork to bring it down to a manageable size.

The bread they use is soft Italian rolls. The steak is chopped well and stacked high. The American cheese used is mixed well within the steak. They use a good amount of cheese to make the steak nice and gooey (I guess that is where they got their name from). There are a decent amount of onions used and they are cooked very thorough with the steak to create a darker color onion.

When a Gooey Looie’s sandwich is served to you it is wrapped so thick that it may be mistaken for something other than a cheese steak. Be careful not to wave that sandwich at the police or they may take you down by mistaking it for a machine gun.

If you come to Philly for the first time and you want a real cheese steak, go to Gooey Looie’s instead of the top 3. Do you know how much my cheese steak cost? The large cheese steak was $6.95 – over a dollar less than any of the Big Three cheese steak shops. For the value you CAN NOT beat this place. You can fit 3 Geno’s Steaks inside of this one sandwich (why are you laughing – I am serious). If you don’t believe me then you will have to see for yourself. You also won’t have to deal with tourist lines and the staff here is very friendly. After you go to Gooey Looie’s, please make sure to return and thank me in the comment section.

Gooey Looie’s Hoagies and Steaks – Welcome to the Best Philly Cheese Steak Club!

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  1. Something worth trying out. Thanks for the info. Also, Mama's Pizza off of Belmont Ave is my cheesesteak place of choice. If you haven't been....GO!!!...its spadelicious

    1. Yes, Mama's was always on the my list for being on top for best cheesesteak ever. When ever a place has a long line out the door everyday, and they have to scrape the flat tops after
      every row of cheesesteaks to take the excess cheese left on the flat top after supplying you with a great mound of steak and cheese in this mammoth treat. Love it. Thanks, for the memories.

  2. Hi Anonymous.

    Thanks for commenting. I have actually tried Mama's Pizza and their Philly cheese steak is not my style. There was way too much cheese on the sandwich and the value wasn't right compared to my other favorites. In the upper left hand corner there is a link to all of my best Philly cheese steak reviews. There you can find a link to Mama's pizza and my other reviews (even the ones that I don't like).

  3. i have been to the top 3 and i have to tell you Gooey looies hands down THE BEST!! i am in Pueblo,Co. and there is a place here called Philly's and it is totally awesome! very comparable to looies. if you are EVER out west and want a true back east sandwich give them a try. they mix the WHIZ cheese with the meat and onions giving it that true GOOEY effect.

  4. gooey looies is the best hands down! the only place i got to when i come back home to philly..ive had all my friends that have never been to philly come to gooey looies. they have been hooked ever sense! 5 stars from me!! :)

  5. By far Gooey Looies is the best ... no competition here ... you're crazy if you don't go to Gooey Looies first before you go to any of the Big Three ... we had friends over on Sat. night and shared the sandwiches and still had left overs that were phenomenal the next day ... I'm talkin' the Deluxe Jewish Hoagie ... out of this world!

  6. Extremely underrated.

  7. Omg this is the best cheese steak in the wourld. It can feed a fam of four. My god to me it's better then pats and geno. Can u believe I live here in Philly. This is the only place I go to. Lord mouth is watering. All I have to say if u make to Philly n looking for a meal/cheese steak they them. Wow hands down to them. Check it out.

  8. I took your advice and you nailed it. That place was great!

  9. I had a Gooey Looie's cheesesteak in July 2012 while visiting people in Philly. It was great. Hope to go and get another one soon.

  10. Also the hoagies are the bomb as well i love them when i come back home to philly for good that's one of the spots im going to o get my fix on some real food philly food.............

  11. This is so true...I'm a Marylander & I refer people all the time when the go to Philadelphia. My husband is from Philly & when I tried Gooey Louie's for the 1st time I was hooked! NO place tops it!