Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Frusco Steaks Philly Cheese Steak Review

Frusco Steaks is located at 7220 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135. Established in 1994, Frusco Steaks is building a strong following in Northeast Philly. They are only a few blocks from their rivals, the great Chink’s steaks.

Frusco Steaks has won various awards since their opening including “#1 Steak in Philly” by Steve Levy’s “On the Menu” from Channel 10. Their menu is very simple Philly fast food: steaks, hoagies, club sandwiches, chicken cutlets, chicken wings, side orders, and milkshakes. They have a take out, delivery, or eat in option (no waiter).

I have a mixed review of Frusco Steaks. Actually my companions that came along with me have a better review than me.

What I liked:

I liked their special. For $6.99, you get a cheese steak, French Fries, and a soda (16 ounzes). This is a great deal (Geno’s and Pat’s Steaks is $8 just for the sandwich).

I did like Frusco’s Philly cheese steak but not crazy about it. They have about a 10 inch semi soft Italian roll that they serve with strips of rib eye steak inside about 2-3 thin strips per layer. I asked for American cheese and onions and this is where the debate comes in.

Frusco Steaks is a wet sandwich, that is, the cheese is almost gone as it merges with the juices of the steak. When the sandwich is served, you do not see any cheese as it is camouflaged with the juices. These juices are softening the rolls more and oozing out the sides. The end result is a mess. You can’t eat this standing up (especially with a new pair of shoes).

This is an old time debate in Philly. Is the sandwich better dry or wet? The end result is that it always depends on the person. I like wet sandwiches only in certain situations from certain places. For example, I have yet to review a place called Nick’s Roast Beef. Their sandwich is the wettest but tastiest one of its kind on the planet. A wet roast beef like this is unbelievable but a cheese steak, I like them dry. I will make an exception for this place as they made an example of a wet Philly cheese steak that I would consider acceptable. Note: several people with me actually like wet sandwiches better. I will say that Frusco’s is not like Steve’s Prince of Steaks whose oozy cheese looks unbelievably disgusting. That is why they did not get a red light. At least Frusco’s takes the cheese to the point where it becomes one unhealthy but delicious juicy steak.

What I didn’t like about Frusco Steaks:

I didn’t like the hospitality level. The attitude of the employees needs to be a bit friendlier. I just didn’t feel comfortable when I find myself thanking them more than they are thanking me. I also question the hygiene of the place as I peered into their cooking quarters and saw a dirty looking work station. Cleanliness is very important as Joe Vento from Geno’s Steaks attests.

I am going to have to vote Frusco Steaks as a yellow light (proceed with caution). I know that many may disagree with me but I just don’t feel comfortable considering this place to be in such an elite club. I am not saying don’t go there at all but I don’t think that they are ripe for the best club. The Best Philly Cheese Steak Club includes the total package. I would recommend that they lower the amount of ooziness in their cheese (when I order cheese I want to see it - it really wasn’t visible). Also, it doesn’t hurt to smile and say thank you to your customers.

I hope that you have enjoyed another review from Best Philly Cheese Steaks Blog!

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