Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ardmore Pizza Cheese Steak Review

Ardmore Pizza is located at 10 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore, PA 19003. Established in 1973, this pizzeria has made a reputation in its area just a little drive outside of Center City Philadelphia.

Ardmore Pizza is a little pizzeria on a beautiful street alongside many other various shops. The place has a few tables to sit if you want to eat there. Their shop is also very clean in appearance. They have newer tiling and a nice big flat screen TV. I also like how high tech this place is. They have several giant monitors behind the counter that appears to be handling their internet pizza system. From a quick glimpse at their website it appears that you can order pizza online. Ardmore Pizza also has a very friendly staff but they were extremely busy (a good sign).

Ardmore Pizza is also known for its Philly cheese steaks. I ordered one Philly pizza cheese steak. They chopped their steak instead of using steak strips. The onions are slightly fried and mixed well with the American cheese steak, and pizza sauce. They didn’t use much pizza sauce in their sandwich. I actually agree with this method because if you use too much then you may risk drowning out the taste of the steak sandwich. The cheese was mixed well in the steak but was also placed on top of the steak, onions, and sauce for an extra kick. However, the result wasn’t too much cheese. Their style made it just right.

The foot long Italian roll they used was slightly toasted. This toasted option worked well for this sandwich as it complemented the tomato sauce. This resulted in a very Italian sandwich that gave a crunchy bite as you taste your way through the juicy tomato sauce.

Ardmore Pizza has just the right ingredients to make it in to the Best Philly Cheese Steaks Club!

Welcome Ardmore Pizza!

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