Friday, October 9, 2009

Cosmi's Deli Review

Cosmi’s Deli is a perfect example of an Italian deli in South Philly that will whip you up a great Philly cheese steak a few blocks south of Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks. Cosmi’s Deli was established in 1932 and is located at 1501 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. They have been family owned and operated since its inception.

Cosmi’s Deli is a nice little corner Philly deli where you can get all kinds of Philly goodies. They serve homemade soups, appetizers, various sandwiches including hoagies, hamburgers, and their award winning Philly cheese steaks.

The different option that I like about this Italian delicatessen is that when I asked for a Philly cheese steak they asked me not whiz and wit or witout but “Do you want seeded or non seeded?” This just proves my whole theory that that whiz or wit out crap is just a little game that the top cheese steak places play with tourists. They don’t ask that to any local Philadelphian. Could you imagine if Geno’s or Pat Steaks starting taking Cosmi’s Deli question: “Yo, you want seeded or not seeded?” How do you think people might react?

Anyway, they serve a nice foot long Italian roll (Of course I took non seeded as this is a sign of a real Philly steak) for $6.50. That just gave me an idea: Maybe one of these places should start selling a healthy cheese steak like a wheat roll cheese steak. This may be a good option to add to their variety.

The cheese was melted in between the steak (they never even asked what kind of cheese as they assumed American cheese). The steak was chopped thoroughly and stacked just enough in the roll. It wasn’t a monster of a sandwich but it was a nice size. The onions were chopped and golden brown and mixed between the steak and cheese.

There isn’t a place to sit inside Cosmi’s Deli, which I dislike. Most places will at least have a place to eat whether it is inside or outside the shop.

Overall, I agree with the fans that Cosmi’s Deli has a great cheese steak. Being around since 1932 and having a history with meats, this place has a strong foundation to give them credibility for being the best. That is why they get a green light from me.

Cosmi’s Deli – Welcome to the Best Philly Cheese Steak Club!

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