Sunday, October 11, 2009

Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field Liberty Grill

Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field Liberty Grill Philly Cheese Steak Review

A little visit to an Eagles game at the Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia gave me the opportunity to contribute to this cheese steak blog. The Lincoln Financial Field, established in 2003, is home of the Eagles. I thought reviews of the best Philly cheese steak places would not be complete without a review of the cheese steaks sold in the sports centers.

The Lincoln Financial Field doesn’t have too many opportunities to buy famous cheese steaks like Citizens Bank Park. They do have a place in there called Liberty Grill that is found in several concession stands throughout the complex. I ordered a Philly cheese steak with onions. The rolls were about 8 inches and were semi soft. The problem with the roll was it was not as thin as it should be. It wasn’t a really thick roll but it wasn’t the perfect size that a Philly steak should be. Furthermore, it should have been about a foot long.

I do want to give them credit though because they did pack the sandwich with a good amount of meat. The steak was chopped very thoroughly. I also believe that I spotted some red blood which means that it wasn’t cooked one hundred percent. The cheese was melted in between the steak but there were some ears of unmelted cheese that stuck out. I only believe that they have one kind of cheese, American. The onions were cooked well and chopped small.

For $7.75 for a cheese steak at a major Philadelphia sports arena, I was impressed with the price as they were still a quarter shy of Geno’s or Pat’s Steaks. They did give you a good portion even though their roll wasn’t long enough. However, this all does not cut it though to be in the Best Philly Cheese Steak Club. I think the Coors Light beer that I wasn’t drinking made this sandwich taste better than it really was but I am still absolutely convinced that it isn’t a pure representation of the best of Philly.

I will give Liberty Grill a yellow light (proceed with caution) because I still feel that it has potential even though it is a ballpark cheese steak. Usually your expectations are to be robbed for your dollar at a ballpark for any food that you buy at a concession stand. I feel that I did get my money’s worth but I think that they just need to improve on the quality of the sandwich. So if you go to an Eagle’s game, hopefully I have set the expectation level for the Philly cheese steaks there!

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