Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chink's Steaks Cheese Steak Review

Chink’s Steaks in Northeast Philly is at minimum the best Philly cheese steak joint in Northeast Philly. Chink’s Steaks located at 6030 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135 has been around long enough to be considered a historical Philly cheese steak shop. They are opened every day except Sunday.

Chink’s Steaks was established in 1949 by Samuel Sherman (his nickname was chink). Sherman originally worked at Pat’s King of Steaks before he got the idea to open his own place. He learned from the best steak place at that time and took his skill to a relatively untouched steak sandwich area in Northeast Philly. Sherman worked at Chink’s for 46 years before retiring. He then turned the business over to one of his long time workers, Joe. Chink died several years later.

Chink’s is extremely popular and has won many awards. In 2002, after Craig LaBan from The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Restaurant Guide published a complimentary article favoring Chink’s, their publicity grew. Also, in 2002 Best of Philly voted them “best cheesesteak”. They also received acclaim from AOL’s Citysearch, Sport’s Radio WIP 610 and many others sources. But as I keep telling you these awards don’t mean squat until it is reviewed here on the famous Best Philly Cheese Steak Blog. This is where real Philly cheese steak knowledge comes from.

I am extremely impressed by Chink’s Steaks in many ways. For starters, their sandwich is incredible. They use soft, golden, Italian rolls about 10 inches (not quite a foot). The steak is rib eye steak (if it is not rib eye steak then it is an immediate strike) that is stripped and layered maybe 2-3 thin strips on top of each other in the sandwich. The cheese is American cheese that is smoothed out evenly amongst the steak – paradise! The onions are small square chops that are lightly browned mixed well amongst the steak and cheese. The sandwich itself makes this a great cheese steak. But there is more…

Chink’s Steaks is situated inside of a old fashioned mom and pop cheese steak shop that still has the same look and feel of when it opened 60 years ago with its 1950’s decor. They carry a simple menu consisting of hot dogs, hamburgers, hot sausage, old fashioned sodas, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes. This is a simple old fashioned menu that goes with their theme. Simple can be wonderful. Chink’s Steaks even has old fashioned jukeboxes (that don’t work) at each table.

I also like the cleanliness factor. It appeared that the place was well kept from the customer’s viewpoint (you never really know what is going on in the ceilings and basement). The steaks were cooked right in the front window. This is an opportunity to see your steaks being made to your standards. Always be leery when the cooking quarters is far away from the customer’s access.

The staff is very young, beautiful, friendly women running the whole place. There are several old fashioned booths where you can sit as well as at the counter. Although I didn’t eat any ice cream I plan to upon next visit.

Chink’s Steaks is a classic for Philly cheese steak fanatics. Chink’s is an original style joint as no other Philly cheese steak place will give you the same look and feel in addition to the excellent steak product it offers. They have been around for 60 years and with new, smart, self sufficient, forward looking management, I believe that they will be here another 60 years.

If I can explain the feel of this place with an analogy I would say that Chink’s Steaks is like Jim’s Steaks combining with Nifty Fifty’s Restaurant. Actually, with the pretty staff and the nostalgic atmosphere, you feel like you are being taken back in time to what the fifties were like (even if you weren’t born in that era).

Chink’s Steaks, I am honored to welcome you to the Best Philly Cheese Steak Club!

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  1. What do you mean by (you never really know what is going on in the ceilings and basement)? Chinks is wonderful and to me this sounds derogatory. What are you trying to infer?

  2. Anonymous,

    Maybe you didn’t read the rest of the article. I have a positive review of Chink’s Steaks and from what I can see they are a very clean Philly cheese steak joint.

    When I say that you don’t really know what goes on in the ceilings and basements I am referring to restaurants in general, not Chink’s Steaks. Restaurants can be very deceiving as it may appear clean on the outside but there may be rats, roaches, and other critters building their livelihoods behind the scenes. Usually only the owners know about this until the problem gets uncontrollably noticeable (and that is when they get shut down).

    You have obviously taken my tidbit of humor out of context as from what I can see; Chink’s Steaks appeared to be very clean. On the bright side, it is nice to know that you share the same viewpoint of this restaurant and are willing to defend them. Chink’s Steaks is one of my favorites and when I have a best of the best Philly cheese steak list one day, they will probably be on there. Cheers!

  3. I agree,.. Chinks is the best cheesesteak in PHILLY! Mr. Chink added to the flavor of the experience when he was operating the business. If you never had a Chinks steak while he was working you never really experienced a classic Chinks steak! But, the current experience is great just the same. He was the Best...RIP Chink. Keep the spirit alive Joe!

  4. Chinks Steaks rules and the girls that work there are so hottt!!!!!!

  5. I grew up in the neighborhood and Chinks was Saturday dinner. I have worked in C.C. and South Philly. Chinks is the best. Joe has done a great job with the place, the only thing missing is Chink yelling at his wife and Joe L.O.L.

  6. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the good feedback about Chink's Steaks. Eating there every weekend, you must have some good insight about this cheese steak place. Would you care to share a favorite memory or story that you have about you experiences at Chink's Steaks? Also, what are your thoughts about Chink's Steaks keeping their menu so simple almost identical to its opening in the 40's?

  7. The steaks are good, the girls who work in this place (the ones that I have seen) are cute, and it definitely has a hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, where it looks like sh!t but, it is a lot better than it looks. And the food is good too!

    With that said, the place is actually overrated....

    "Chink’s Steaks even has old fashioned jukeboxes (that don’t work) at each table."

    If they don't work then they are pieces of trash!!

    The best steaks in the city are clearly made at 1lb. Cheesesteak, down at the corner of Lehigh and Kensington. Chinks is good and it is definitely more local to me than any other place that is known for making good steaks but, the hype doesn't meet the real thing when you actually go to this place.

    It might even be great, at least for the steaks (It might actually be the best in the NE.) but, it isn't excellent or wonderful.

    "What do you mean by (you never really know what is going on in the ceilings and basement)? Chinks is wonderful and to me this sounds derogatory. What are you trying to infer?"

    Pull your head from your rear end! If there was roaches in the walls you wouldn't know that they are there and that is obviously what he meant.

  8. Hey Morpheus,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have never been to 1 lb Cheesesteak. If you could provide a mini review in the comments section I am sure that our readers would love to hear about it.

    The jukeboxes not woirking at Chinks - that caught my attention as well. I guess they were going more for appearance than funcionality. Either way, Chink's Steaks has great steaks and a very unique atmosphere.

    For those of you who haven't been there, I recommend trying it at least once. When you do, come back here and put your 2 cents into the comments section.

    Thanks for commenting on our Philly Cheese Steak Blog, Morpheus, hope to see you again!

  9. How Derogatory! I can't believe that someone has named this place after an offensive name for Chinese people. Anyone who eats here sucks. This is not nice to call your place Chinks.

  10. I agree. This name is very offensive to the Asian community. Someone needs to file a lawsuit against this place.


  11. There should be some laws in this country in what the name of your business could be.
    So it ok to use ethnic derogatory names for your business? I can't call somebody at work like that without being fired. Close the place down or change the name!

  12. You obviously have no clue about the history of this place. The place was called chinks, because that was the nickname of the original owner, who was not Asian American. You may not like it.. so don't patronize it. But there is nothing that you can do about it.