Friday, October 16, 2009

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks Review

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks is located at The Shops at Liberty Place #F6, 16th and Chestnut in Center City Philadelphia, PA 19103. Their hours of operation our Monday – Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-6.

Established in 2006 by Gary Dorfman, a long time healthcare consultant, Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks is a newcomer in the Philly cheese steak world. This doesn’t stop him from trying to be known as the best Philly cheese steak joint. His hard work and determination has caused many questioners to be become loyal regulars.

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks is located in a mall setting in the middle of traffic infested Center City Philadelphia. I was a little skeptical about this place at first because from my experience Center City is known to be overpriced and under quality compared to the food Mecca of Philly, South Philly. Jake’s is located in the food court amongst many other varieties of foods that stack up right next to each other. What sets Jake’s apart is the hospitality. The cashier was extremely friendly and so was the chef.

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks is set up so that their customers can eat at any table throughout the food court. This is very beneficial to its customers as there are plenty of tables and seats available.

I bought a Philly cheese steak for $7.48 with American cheese and onions. I was impressed with the generous size of the sandwich. It wasn’t really thick but they used foot long rolls instead of those skimpy 8 inch rolls that many other places use.

The great thing about this sandwich is the soft Italian rolls they use. These rolls are a tad bit harder than the ideal ultra soft rolls but they come from Carangi’s Bakery in South Philadelphia, which is a good indication that they know what they are doing. Carangi’s is a very popular bakery in South Philly that produces a wide variety of delicious rolls.

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks also used chopped rib eye steak packed well in the roll but with the roll being a foot long, this sandwich should make the average person full. The onions were cooked well and square chopped and then mixed with the steak and American cheese.

For an extra kick, I order long Italian hot peppers. This was the highlight of the meal. They used 2 long hotts that stretched the length of the sandwich and they were juicy and yes hot. Looking at my receipt, I don’t believe that they charged me for the long hotts so it must have been included (good deal).

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks welcome to the Best Philly Cheese Steaks Club!

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