Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steve’s Prince of Steaks Review

Steve’s Prince of Steaks is located at 7200 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia PA (Northeast Philly). This steak place is very popular in the Northeast section of Philly and has received many awards since its inception.

Steve’s Prince of Steaks was started at its original location on Bustleton Avenue in 1980 by Steven Iliescu. Steve’s Steaks was voted best cheese steak in Philly by the Philadelphia Magazine in 1998 and 2007. Steve’s has also been awarded "Best of Citysearch" 2005 & 2007 and "Best of Bucks" 2007 & 2008.

On November 27th 1998, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to make the "World’s Largest Cheese steak", for the Guinness Book of World Records. The steak itself was 365 feet long and was made by 22 local cheese steak restaurants, all competing to be the Best of the Biggest, which Steve's Prince of Steaks was crowned the winner. Other sources of fame for Steve’s Prince of Steaks happened in 2006 when the Food Network aired a show called the Hungry Detective. During the show Steve's Prince of Steaks was highlighted as the best kept secret in Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

Steve’s has since expanded to open 2 different shops. In 1999, "The Prince" opened his second location, Steve's Comly, at Comly Road and the Roosevelt Blvd. The third location opened in 2006, Steve's Langhorne, located at 1617 E. Lincoln Highway.

I ate at Steve’s original location and have to say that I am not impressed. I had a regular Philly cheese steak and it cost me roughly $7. The steak sandwich used strip steak instead of chopped. Steve’s was unique in the sense that he double layered the stripped steak on the rolls. Also the steak was a little thicker than Geno’s or Pat’s who also use strips of steaks instead of chopping it. The roll was a nice Italian roll but Dattilo’s Italian Deli sandwich had a roll that was much longer and better in terms of color, texture, softness, and taste. The onions were plentiful but were very dark. They were not the kind of caramelized onions that your perfect cheese steak would have.

The cheese…

This was the gooiest steak I have ever seen with American cheese. The cheese on this sandwich is what ruined it. It was layered on top of the steak but in an oozy type of format. I was served the steak sandwich with the cheese actually dripping off the ends of the steak because the American cheese was just completely liquefied. This is American cheese and not whiz. This just is an absolute no-no.

Although I liked the fact that you can sit inside and eat at Steve’s Steaks, they have peppers for you, and an interesting chocolate soda, I am not impressed with their sandwich at that value. I think that they have tried to compete so hard with Geno’s and Pat’s by using the same style that it has worked against them. Tell me one reason why I won’t drive an extra mile up the street to Dattilo’s to eat a steak for $1,50 less and have a much bigger, better quality sandwich. I can’t think of one. Steve’s needs to be more of Steve’s. I think that when they first started out they may have been great, but this isn’t South Philly and you aren’t Geno’s or Pat’s.

Steve’s should take my advice and lower the price and beef up on what it has to offer its customers. I especially recommend that they do something about that cheese as it has ruined what potentially could have been a very good sandwich. Sorry Steve’s Prince of Steaks, I cannot recommend you in the Best Philly Cheese Steak Club this year!

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  1. i honestly disagree with your opinion on this. i think steves american cheese sauce is what sets them apart from the crowd. its a nice off-shoot from the norm. also, the taste is great. i prefer melty/oozy cheese. its part of the experience. and their "strip steak" is very different from pats or genos. the pieces are much smaller.

  2. To each their own I guess, but I consider Steve's to be one of the best steaks in the city. I prefer the wiz wit, so my steaks are often gooey and I love them like that.

  3. Are you out of your mind? That is what a Philly . If the cheese didnt drip, you wouldnt have to do the philly lean.(so the cheese does not get all over your shirt. Steve's is without any doubt...the best steak you will ever have. All you have to do is go to the original store and count how many people come in just while you are there. trust me it's non-stop all day. He must be doing something right. Also, you get what you apy for. I get the double meat and it cost me about $12 and some change. well worth it.