Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen Review

Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen in Northeast Philly Review

Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen is located at 8000 Horrocks Street, Philadelphia, PA 15152 (at the corner of Bustleton Avenue and Rhawn Street in the Great Northeast Philly). Established in 1973, Dattilo’s is a perfect example of what a Philly Italian deli should look like. There is about 10 people working there and everyone of them is friendly and ready to help you with your order. They serve not only sandwiches but many Italian specialties and deserts as well. There are 2 isles of Italian groceries in the tiny shop.

Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen does not have a place to eat inside but there are small tables outside if it is a nice day. I only ordered a Philly cheese steak here but from the many people I know that frequent the place, the hoagies and roast pork sandwiches are unbelievable.

The Philly cheese steak was not badly priced at $5.50 for a foot long sandwich. The roll used was a classic soft Italian roll, the best example of the right roll to use for a cheese steak. The steak was chopped and nicely tucked away but yet not over filled like Gooey Looie’s Hoagies and Steaks. They give you a nice portion for you money. The cheese was nicely melted in between the steak. They don’t ask you what kind of cheese you want; they just give you American cheese. Most Philly average Joe steak places do this. Only the fancy ones make a big deal about what type of cheese you want and whether you want onions.

The onions were caramelized nice and brown and sliced to an average small size. They were also distributed evenly throughout the steak sandwich.

Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen also has a nice selection of Italian side orders if you are interested. For example, if you like olives and peppers there are several Italian versions available.

Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen is a great little cheese steak shop tucked away in the Great Northeast. I would definitely give them a ticket into the Best Philadelphia Cheese Steak Club as I am totally impressed with their overall package and the loyalty of its customer base. Dattilo’s Italian Delicatessen is a great representation of a top Philly cheese steak shop in the Northeast area of Philly.

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  1. Great to see Dattilo's get some respect! They definitely have a great cheesesteak, and the hoagies are some of the best in town.

  2. 100% hands down the best cheesesteak i have ever eaten in my life!