Saturday, September 26, 2009

Philip's Steaks Philly Cheese Steak

Philip's Steaks Philly Cheese Steak Review

Philip’s Steaks is another perfect example of how you can find better Philly cheese steaks in Philly than what is traditionally known to be the best. I have recently eaten at Philip’s to reconfirm what I have known for many years.

Philip’s Steaks is located at 2234 West Passyunk Avenue, South Philadelphia, PA. They have been in business for over 25 years and have a very solid revenue from the locals. Philip’s Steaks is situated at a key traffic point off the highway and generates a decent amount of sales. They could be what Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s Steaks have been for some time but are still lacking major recognition. This could be why I still like their steaks. Philip’s Steaks has a good bang for your buck. I bought a regular Philly cheese steak with extra onions and a large soda for $9.

Phillip’s cheese steak was only $7.25, which is 75 cents cheaper than Pat’s and Geno’s. The sandwich was all round perfect. The bread was soft Italian bread about a foot long. This is a few inches bigger than Pat’s and Geno’s. The cheese that I ordered was American cheese (if I eat whiz with my cheese steaks for all my reviews I may not make it too far). The cheese was perfectly melted and tucked away within the steak. The steak was thinly sliced rib eye steak. There was a sufficient amount in there to give you your money’s worth.

The only problem that I had was with the onions. The onions were rarely cooked at all. I like onions cooked from medium to almost well done. Actually, the best onions are those that are cut really thin and simmered low for a few hours. They become so tasty that you could eat them without anything else.

I ate my Philip’s cheese steak on the small metal stand up tables attached to the side of the building. Most cheese steak places in Philly have this including Geno’s, Pat’s, and Jim’s. I have always found it fascinating of how many diverse people that you meet at cheese steak shops. Word of advice for many tourists: Just act natural when you are in Philly. I write this blog as an educational blog for those who are interested in the Philly cheese steak but inevitably I have to share some information about the city as a whole.

It appears to me that many tourists who visit Philly always have this preconception of everyone being so rude and looking for a fight. The truth is that it is not that way. For example, when I went to Philip’s, this tourist with his friend kept talking tough to the cashier as if he was supposed to because he is in Philly. Philip’s is a regular local Philadelphia cheese steak place run by friendly locals. They are not looking for trouble. Because people are told what to expect when they go to Geno’s or Pat’s they think that they have to act tough for every cheese steak place. This is inaccurate and unnecessary. Geno’s and Pat’s has a reputation to live up to and deals with tourists all day long and that could be the reason they have so many ordering rules there (and the tough guy reputation to live up to). It could also be that they have been abused by the tourists so long that this is the result.

Philadelphians are nice people as a whole so if you come to Philly don’t try to act tough for no reason. This actually makes you look more like a tourist. The reason that I digressed here was to let you know that the people working in these cheese steak places are just normal hardworking people and deserve to be treated with respect. If they don’t give you any trouble than you shouldn’t give them any. Enough with the lecture…

My review conclusion…Philip’s Steaks has a dynamite Philly cheese steak for your buck. Aside from their onions not meeting my standards, Philip’s Steaks is a true hidden gem of a cheese steak shop and goes down as having one of the Best Philly Cheese steaks.

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  1. Ask for the Duck at Phil's

  2. Just passed through Philly on a brief visit. I felt I had to eat at the original Pat's King of Steaks. It was good but really nothing to brag about. I asked the hotel desk clerk who had the best cheese steak in Philly. She said Philip's hands down and she was right. Bigger than the legends and more flavor. I had one with hot peppers. Awsome!!!

  3. I just got one and it might be the best if they put some meat on it!Mine was a cheese w/onions on a steak roll!The worst steak sandwich I've had in my 30 some yrs of going to different places when I visit the city

  4. I grew up in the city my whole life..I always gave Joey Vento the respect he deserves..yes Pat's and Genos staff can be a little rude for no reason..That to me is no way to conduct your biz..just to allow your staff to act in that manner...IF and I say IF..I allowed my staff to traet my customers in that fashion I would be out of buisness..Pats and Genos need to learn how to kill people with kindness..and show the tourist that philadelphia is a place of Brotherly love..Because Philadelphians are kind folks..I always say..You attract more Bees with honey..The moral for all my babbling is If you want kind service and a GREAT Cheesesteak..Goto Phillips..I am a loyal customer to Phillips Steaks for the past 20 years..for there kind service..the place is old not fancy..not updated..BUT they keep the place very clean...Phillips deserves more credit than they get...The BEST Cheesesteak Shop in the city HANDSDOWN!!!!! To all the Staff at Phillips..Keep Up The Good Work!!!!...Me and My Family Love You Guys!!!