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Little Sicily Pizza Steaks | Hoagies

Little Sicily Pizza Steaks and Hoagies Review

Little Sicily Pizza Steaks and Hoagies in South Philadelphia is a perfect example of a pizza and Philly cheese steak place that is a hidden secret in the Philadelphia food community. This is a perfect example of how you can find non touristy places in the heart of Philly that has food better and cheaper than the most popular restaurants.

Little Sicily Pizza was established in 1968 and sits at 1433 West Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia, PA. They promote themselves as having the best pizza in town and that is why they need to be reviewed here. This type of business falls under two categories, pizza and cheese steaks, so I will have one review for two of our blogs. In Philly, these types of operations are very common. A pizza place tries to complement its business by selling cheese steaks and a cheese steak sandwich shops tries to complement its business by selling pizzas.

Pizza or cheese steak…it doesn’t matter with a place like Little Sicily as you can’t go wrong either way. This place is very Sicilian style Italian. There are many pictures of famous Italian actors on the walls. You may enjoy the Al Pacino pictures. This is a sit down or take out pizzeria. The cashier slash waiter is very polite as this is a nicely run family business.

First the pizza. The pizza that I ordered was American style. They do not have fancy gourmet pizza here and if I asked for my traditional Margherita pizza that might blow my cover as an undercover food critic. So places like this I prefer not to ask stupid questions. Besides, most Philadelphia pizza places aren’t in tune with the whole Margherita concept unless you go to a gourmet pizza joint and they better know what a Margherita is.

I ordered one slice of pepperoni and one plain cheese slice. There pizza is very unique. They really make good Sicilian pizzas (I have been here before) so their regular pizzas have a similar crust. That is, there crust is sort of thick and blackened. They give you plenty of pepperoni on the pepperoni pizza slice. The cheese tasted good but it was part of the only problem with this pizza. The cheese slides off very easy as it was all stuck together. So I had to keep picking it up and putting it back on the pizza. This may be due to a little more oil than necessary.

Overall, the pizza was very good for the price (about $2 each) and the slices are very big slices. I didn’t need the cheese steak to help full me (but I ate it anyway). This is an example of how you can get a great deal in Philly. A place like this runs specials on hoagie, cheese steaks, and pizza specials all day every day. You can get a 16 inch large pizza from anywhere between $11 and $15 depending on what type. This pizza will fill about 3 or 4 people – It’s the real deal!

The cheese steak was phenomenal. It makes Geno’s or Pat’s look silly in all areas. The Philly cheese steak cost about $5.50 and it is a few inches longer and thicker than any of the top 3 cheese steak joints. The rolls are good soft Italian rolls. The softness is what makes this sandwich taste out of this world.

You should be full if you eat the whole sandwich (if you’re not then add a slice of pizza). The cheese was American cheese melted 100% and the stick was chopped rib-eye steak. I put a little ketchup on my cheese steak to add some flavor. The onions were fried nice and crispy.

Little Sicily cheese steak was about $2.50 less than a Geno’s or Pat’s Steak. Are you starting to understand what I mean that you can find way better, cheaper, tastier, and friendlier cheese steak joints in Philly, especially South Philly? Little Sicily Pizza is only about 10 blocks from Geno’s and Pat’s. You can follow Passyunk Avenue straight up and you will actually pass right by it. So with that said, why does all of these tourists want to go wait 2 hours in a line for a cheese steak of a lesser kind? My answer is because they don’t know and that is what this blog is about. So stay tuned as I take you to the true best Philly cheese steak and best Philadelphia pizza places.

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