Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leo’s Steaks Largest Cheese Steak Review

Leo’s Steaks is located at 1403 Chester Pike, Folcroft, PA 19032. Established somewhere in the early 1970s, Leo’s is an extremely popular place in Delaware County, PA. Not too far from Central Philadelphia, Leo’s popularity has echoed all over the city as they have won various best Philly cheese steak awards for many years.

Leo’s Steaks sells a large variety of sandwiches including hoagies, burgers, and steaks. They also sell 3 and 6 foot long hoagies. However, their real popularity comes from their large cheese steak, a monster 18 inch long sandwich for $12.90. There small is a great value too for $6.80 at about a foot long.

Leo’s sandwich is beautiful. I bought the 18 incher and had to share. I mean I could eat it but it would be too much. They stack their steak high in the sandwich too so you are not only eating a supremely large sandwich but you are also tackling the giant portions that the put on there. Honestly, an average person can eat a third of this monster and be full.

Leo’s Steaks chops their steaks as opposed to using steak strips. Their rolls are semi soft Italian rolls. For a sandwich this size though it would be difficult to have an ultra soft loaf of bread as it may not hold the contents well. The onions were nicely browned and mixed well with the steak and American cheese.

An interesting observation I made is that the farther you go away from the Big Three Philly cheese steak joints, the more you will notice that there are less rules. For example, Leo’s didn’t even ask me if I wanted a specific kind of cheese so I assume that they only use American cheese (believe it or not this is the majority way in Philly). However, at Pat’s or Geno’s Steaks if you don’t tell them what kind of cheese you want then you may be setting yourself up for an argument.

Leo’s Steaks does not have any indoor sitting. Actually the place was so crowded when I went that you barely had any place to stand. They do have a table outside to eat if it is a nice day.
I totally am convinced that Leo’s Steaks gives you value for your dollar. I don’t really have any suggestions for them because I feel that they have the proper formula down. I wouldn’t say it is the best steak I ever ate but it is one of the best. They definitely have the longest sandwich that I have eaten out of all the places (not the widest as that record goes to Gooey Looie’s in South Philly). I think that they should continue to market themselves as the longest Philly cheese steak as that is what will stand in their customers minds.

Leo’s Steaks welcome to the Best Philly Cheese Steaks Club!

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