Saturday, April 10, 2010

Philly Cheese Steaks and Tourists

I had some friends from New York visit Philly recently and they begged me to go to Pat’s or Geno’s Steaks for a cheese steak. Why do Philly tourists attract to these places like magnets when the real cheese steaks are so close to them for half the price. I took them to one of my favorite places on my Best Philly Cheese Steaks list and they were just blown away.

After reviewing my monster Philly cheese steak list that I have compiled for you (which took plenty of effort and months to burn off) what do you think? Is there a cheese steak joint that is missing? If so let us know and why. Don’t forget to vote for your top cheese steak place for 2010 (on the poll to the side). 2009’s best cheese steak award went to Rick’s Steaks. This is a people’s vote so the most votes wins. Vote for the Best Philly Cheese Steak today!


  1. We (the Philadelphia Tourism) always suggest tourists check out to get an idea of just how many options are out there!

  2. Thanks Caroline,but I think that we have the Philly cheese steak market covered. Please review our best Philly cheese steak list and you will see that it is the most detailed and extensive that you will find out there. There is a link at the top.

  3. It all starts with the bread!! check out this short clip featuring Geno's Steaks and @LisciosBakery. #cheesesteaks.